Attachments 2015

Please find below attachments relating 2015 Application:



  1. Quotes from Past Participants
  2. Case Studies from Past Participants
  3. Quality Management Strategy
  4. Equality and Diversity Policy
  5. Pictures from a typical Workplacement on past projects
  6. Host Partner Information Pack
  7. Statistics on Youth Unemployment
  8. Europass mobility certificate
  9. Europass CV
  10. Language passport
  11. Language Certificate
  12. Host Partner Certificate for Participants
  13. Host partner Certificate for Team Leaders
  14. Preparation Stage
  15. Placement flows 2015- 2017
  16. Model VET Placement Work Plan
  17. Consortium agreements
  18. Dissemination plan
  19. “Soft Skills Improvements” Evaluation Survey
  20. “Satisfaction Rate” Evaluation Survey
  21. UK Partner Information Pack
  22. Information Pack for Participants on LLA project
  23. Career Seminar Form
  24. Facebook Shots



Some of the appendixes above have been developed in the course of our previous 6 Leonardo Da Vinci projects. This is valid mostly for appendixes 1, 2,6, 7, 14 and 19 – 24. While certain similarities exist between LdV and Erasmus+, we appreciate the major differences as well. And therefore subject to approval of the application we as a consortium commit to develop at least as equally comprehensive material and guidance in the framework of the new project.